Christian Gill German born


In a world of forced retrospective, Illuminism provides the possibility of forward retrospection.

It clears away the fog and allows the light to flow in. This clarity enables the viewer to project positively forward into the future, to see possibility and to understand reality as it exists. This view of the future irradiates a unified field of total existence in which our protagonist (figure) searches for universal truths.

The figure is disconnected and unconcerned with the present, facing toward the future, looking away not only from the present but an unchangeable past as well. The viewer comes to realize that the present is not a reflection of the past but a high-frequency resonance of the probable, projected future.

The present is rather the occurrence of the expense of potential and the past is merely the exhaust or a remnant of spent potential. The energy-life-flow or “Current Existence” is therefore unidirectional from future to present to past – an inversion of the concept of time.

Illuminism attempts to express this through graphic depictions of the individual understanding the present by projecting positively into the future.

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